NutriChef PICEM75 Countertop Ice Maker 


Preparing food and drinks for a party takes a lot of work. Lessen your load with the efficient Nutrichef PICEM75 Countertop Ice Maker. It cuts the work needed to make cold drinks in half.
The first quality everyone looks for in a device is user-friendliness. The Nutrichef PICEM75 counter top ice maker is hassle-free. All you have to do is add water, press the button and it starts making ice immediately. It is so easy to use that your child can give you a hand with it. Get him to prepare ice cubes while you busy yourself with other tasks in the kitchen. You will not have to nag at him to help you.
If you need cold drinks in a hurry, this is the tool you need. It makes ice in just nine minutes. In contrast, it takes hours for it to form in a freezer tray.
This device works well if you need a lot of ice a day. It generates a whopping 33 lbs of ice in 24 hours, more than other ice makers.
The smart NutriChef PICEM75 ice maker produces a few cubes at a time, so you can use it if you need just one cup of ice. Just run it for one cycle.
A LED display panel shows the water and ice levels in the machine. It tells you when you need to refill it with water or empty the ice bin. Furthermore, it gives the device a chic, modern look. In neutral silver, it will complement your kitchen furnishings.
Choose from two sizes of ice cubes. Adults can have the big ones for Scotches on the Rocks, while children can have the small cubes which are easier to swallow.
You will love that this counter top device connects to a water supply line. Manually filling up the reservoir is not necessary. All you have to do is turn on the water supply, and it fills up on its own.
Its table-top design will win you over. Small and compact, this device fits on any countertop. It is ideal for modern kitchens, which are now smaller than before. Make it part of your RV or dormitory.
Also, this tool is small but dynamic. It can store almost two liters of water. Unlike refrigerator trays that can only store a few cubes of ice, this device keeps up to 600g of it.
The Nutrichef PICEM75 Countertop Ice Maker has winning features and other plus points.
The ice freezes quickly, according to customers. They also love the design of this device because they do not have to touch the ice.
Furthermore, they appreciate that this incredible ice maker produces a lot of ice. Its convenience was a top draw too. They mentioned loving the connection to the water supply line and not needing to fill up the reservoir.
The Nutrichef PICEM75 Countertop Ice Maker, like every other tool, leaves users a few things to consider.
Some customers mentioned that ice clumps up in the drain. They had to break it up to ensure that the machine continued running.
In all, if you want lots of ice quickly, this is the tool you need.


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