NewAir AI-100SS 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker, Stainless Steel



If you want a convenient ice maker that functions well on the go, the NewAir AI-100SS is for you. With its outstanding features and elegant design, you will want to add it to your kitchen arsenal.

First of all, you will enjoy its portable, compact structure. You can take this small device anywhere. There is no problem taking it on camping trips. Bring it with you on road trips as well.

The NewAir AI-100SS fits perfectly in an RV or dormitory kitchenette. Having a small kitchen space means that you have to choose between appliances. This device is an excellent choice, because of its size. It fits into any countertop space because it is small.

Also, this device produces 28 lbs of ice a day. You will never run out of ice for your events. The NewAir Al-100SS makes enough ice to satisfy all your guests.

If you need just one cup of ice, this ice maker can help you. It makes a few cubes per cycle, so run it just once if you need a quick, cold drink. If you have a crying child whose thirst you need to satisfy quickly, this is the machine to use.

This device's control panel is user-friendly, so everyone in your family will have no problem getting ice when they want it. Your kids can read it and help you collect ice as you go about your work in the kitchen. It features a LED touch screen panel that displays ice and water levels. Everyone will know when to add water to make more ice. They will also realize that it is time to empty the ice bin.

The NewAir AI-100SS has a flawless design that you will appreciate. Made of stainless steel, it blends with most furnishings and will give your kitchen a fresh, modern look. Also, NewAir has constructed it to produce ice continually.

This company keeps perfecting its designs. You will love that it does not resemble an ice-maker; instead, it looks like a sleek, stainless steel fridge every chef adores. One glance will tell you that NewAir has made it with superior technology.

Besides its fabulous features, the NewAir AI-100SS has other draws.

First of all, this machine makes lasting ice cubes. Some users mentioned that they last in cocktails. This ice maker keeps ice fresh. It does not melt quickly. Users love that they can chew on the cubes.

The cubes come in different sizes. Adults can make big cubes for whiskeys, while children can make smaller ones. There is ice to please everybody.

Users are also impressed that it makes a lot of ice. They reflected that they no longer have to store ice for their camping trips.

As every machine will, the NewAir AI-100SS will give you something to ponder.

Some users mentioned that it takes up space on their countertops, but they could have small ones in the first place. Other users remarked that it was noisy. You could always run the machine when no one is around.

In all, if you want an ice maker that can make ice cubes of different sizes quickly, the NewAir AI-100SS is the machine for you.

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