Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker



Do you find yourself trying to make tons of ice cubes in a hurry? The Magic Chef MCIM22TS Portable Mini Ice Maker is the one you need. This little wonder forms ice cubes in an instant. It promises to make your parties and camping trips memorable.

For a start, it is compact and portable. It works like clockwork in any place with a power socket. Take it along on your camping or road trips. This device fits like a dream in your RV or dormitory kitchenette.

You need it if you are an event planner who organizes parties at different venues. Small and light, it makes ice cubes for your guests at any time. Not having cold drinks at an event can spell disaster as the lack would kill the enjoyment of the attendees. As the organizer, you may earn a reputation for being a poor host. With the help of this stellar product, your next party is sure to make positive headlines.

Do you have children who keep complaining of thirst? The ice that the Magic Chef MCIM22TS ice maker comes up will keep them quiet for an entire day; you will have an endless store of it.This machine delivers a whopping 27 lbs of ice in 24 hours. It works better than an ice tray. While ice takes hours to form in one, this device creates cubes in seven short minutes. Ice will continue to fill it nonstop.

This ice cube maker delivers cubes in three different sizes. The ice it makes will satisfy the needs of all your family and friends. While some people prefer large cubes so that they can drink whiskeys, others may want small ones that they can swallow whole. Small children, in particular, love to suck on ice shavings; this device will delight them. This machine gets ice cubes to them in a jiffy. Few things can compare with its versatility. Many ice-cube makers produce cubes of two sizes, while this one offers three. Ice trays, which form a few cubes of one size, cannot compare at all.

Also, this device generates nine ice cubes per cycle. While this may seem slow, the volume of ice produced over time is tremendous. Run it a few times, and you will get come up with a bucketful of ice with a snap of your fingers. All you have to do is start the machine early. Waiting time is minimal; you can appease frustrated, restless kids who feel parched. The guests at your party will have their cold drinks in a flash.

It is frustrating to stop an ice-making process, remove the ice-cube tray and discover that the ice is nowhere near ready. You may halt your old ice maker and find water instead of ice. If this is a typical occurrence, you will enjoy the exterior that this machine has. The entire ice-making process is visible to you. Besides, you will know how much ice remains in the maker so that you can start the cycle when it runs short.

This ice maker is compact and fits on any countertop. Its small size makes it ideal for an RV kitchenette. The neutral, light silver color of this device blends with most kitchen cabinets and furnishings.

The Magic Chef MCIM22T has remarkable features, and you will feel drawn to buy it when you learn of its other advantages.

It makes lasting ice cubes that keep drinks cold for a while. Customers highlighted it as a top benefit. Another plus is that it creates hollow, elongated cubes.

You can make enough cubes to store. Run the machine a few times and store the cubes in Ziploc bags. It keeps the ice hard for a long time.

You should, of course, bear every aspect of a product in mind. Note that this ice-cube maker shuts off when the water reservoir is empty. Unplug the power cord, and it goes back to making ice. A few customers feel that it is a little noisy.

With its astounding features and winning benefits, the Magic Chef MCIM22TS will offer an endless stream of cold drinks for you and your friends.


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