Magic Chef MCIM22ST 27 lb Ice Maker Stainless Steel

Are your guests grumbling that they are thirsty? Do you need a cartload of ice in an instant? Rely on the Magic Chef MCIM22ST Stainless Steel ice maker. It will keep them contented for the night.

This extraordinary ice maker delivers ice when you need it. It forms the cubes in as little as six minutes, whereas using an ice cube tray will take a few hours. You can store the ice in this device. It keeps the cubes fresh round the clock.


When you crave a cold drink, the last thing you want is spending hours waiting for ice to form in the freezer.You need a machine that can deliver plenty of ice when you need it. Freezer-made cubes take a longer time to shape up. This ice maker produces ice at the touch of a button; it forms ice cubes in as little as six minutes. Your guests will receive Coca-Cola and other short drinks in a short time.

This ice-cube maker makes nine ice cubes per cycle. Run it a few times, and you will get enough ice to last a few hours. It is a great party assistant that enables you to create an endless flow of cold drinks for your guests. This device makes a whopping 27 pounds of ice in 24 hours, twice or three times as much as you can prepare in an ice-cube tray. You will have enough ice for the entire day. Forget the need to fill up ice-cube trays all the time. With its enormous capacity, this ice maker can make ice for a party and still have cubes remaining.

This ice maker has automated features. You may set it for the night and let it run as you sleep. Find fresh ice waiting for the maker in the morning. Further, you can store the ice in this maker.The device keeps the ice fresh round the clock, much like the ones made in a bar.

Ice cubes are hard on the teeth, so you need to have them in two sizes. Small cubes are easy to swallow. Big ones make a bona fide Scotch on the Rocks. Either way, your guests will get the size they need. Further, some guests prefer drink instead of ice. Little cubes give a greater allowance than large ones for liquid. The Magic Chef MCIM22ST makes cubes in two sizes, giving your guests variety. They can tell you what type of ice they want, and you can show off your bartending skills to them. You will earn a reputation as an attentive host.


This standout product has a set of impressive features and other draws.

For a start, It customers enjoyed the large volume of ice it makes. They praised this fabulous device for being able to create a significant amount of ice in a short time.

The ice cubes that this maker produces is easy on your teeth. They are perfect for those with tooth sensitivity. Young children can swallow them easily.

As is the norm, you must ponder all details of a product. This one leaves a few considerations.

The plug connected to this product is difficult to remove. You must put it at the edge of the counter top to empty the tank, which may get you wet.

In all, this efficient little device gets ice ready in a short amount of time. It lives up to its name as a Magic Ice Maker.


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