Knox Stainless Steel Ice Maker - Makes 27 Pounds per Day



Are you frustrated because of the wasted ice water in your machine? It's time to get a new device. The extraordinary Knox Stainless Steel Ice Maker will solve all your worries about wasted water.

The Knox Stainless Steel Ice Maker will serve you well if you need to produce large quantities of ice. It comes up with 27 lbs of ice a day. It's a device you'll need if you run a canteen or food truck.

Has your friend turned up at your home without warning? Don't fret. With the Knox Stainless Steel Ice Maker, you can prepare a quick cold drink for him or her. It generates pounds of ice, fast.

The Touch Control Panel on this device is both user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. It enables you to produce ice with just a touch. You can get ice for your guests almost as soon as they ask for it. It's easy enough for a kid to use. Your child can help ease the hassle of preparing cold drinks for Grandpa and Grandma. He can put ice into cups, while you finish basting the roast chicken in the oven.

This machine makes ice in three different sizes, a feature that will thrill you. Large ice cubes will serve you well if your adult guests want whiskeys on the rocks. Little kids will enjoy the ice shavings that they can swallow.

You'll love that this machine plays a part in saving the Earth. It recycles water for you. It remakes melted ice after a time, so refilling the reservoir isn't a worry. Because this function is automatic, you'll sigh with relief.

The Knox Stainless Steel Ice Maker will help you in many other ways. The Low Water Indicator gives you a nudge when there's not enough water in it. It also has an Ice Full Indicator, which reminds you to empty the Ice Bin.

Furthermore, you can set a time for the machine to make ice. Just use the Clock and Timer function. It not only tells you what time it is but also gets the device to begin working.

A complaint most people have about the ice trays in freezers is that they don't hold enough ice. The Knox Stainless Steel Ice Maker eases this problem. The interior container stores up to 2.5 lbs of ice. That will last for the day. It comes with a useful scoop for you to collect it all.

Knox is confident that this product will work for you, so it has borne the risk of buying it for a month. The company includes a 30-day money back guarantee.

This product is well-received, and with its dazzling features, this isn't surprising. It has satisfied many customers.

It makes ice like nuggets or pellets, which is a boon for people who love to chew ice. Also, many customers commented that it's easy to assemble. Many users also liked its self-cleaning function. It will flush its system after five cycles.

If you're conscious about wasting water and saving the environment, this is the ice maker you need. It's a must-have if you want pounds of ice in a hurry.

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