Do you need lots of ice daily? Are you a style guru whose tools have to complement his furnishings? You'll need the Ivation Portable Compact High Capacity Household Ice Maker. The capabilities of this all-white beauty will floor you.

The Ivation Portable Compact High Capacity Household ice maker features modern compressor refrigeration technology, so it produces ice with tip-top efficiency. It creates ice in mere minutes, while it takes hours to form in trays. This savvy device makes 26.5 lbs of ice a day. If you need to make ice for just one cup, this tool will help you. It generates a few cubes of ice at a time.

Of course, the size of this counter ice maker is a huge plus. You can take it anywhere with you. Bring it on your next picnic.

You'll need this device if you are a bartender in a cocktail lounge. It produces ice continuously, so you'll never run short of it. It'll keep your customers satisfied.

The sleek design of the fabulous Ivation Portable Compact High Capacity Household Ice Maker enables top performance. It allows the machine to generate large volumes of ice quickly. This tool produces ice in two sizes to satisfy everyone in your family. There is also a removable tray that allows you to carry ice from one point to another.

You'll also love the exterior window that allows you to check if the machine is making ice. You can not only monitor the ice-making process but also gauge the water level in the device. All you need to do is add water when it runs out. The see-through window also allows you to monitor ice levels.

If you've no time to check on the water and ice levels, don't worry. The intelligent Ivation Portable Compact High Capacity Household Ice Maker does the work for you. It sounds an alert when there isn't enough water, and another when the ice bin is full. All you need to do is to attend to it when you hear it. Just pour in water or take out the ice bin when necessary. You won't have to rush into the kitchen every few minutes to see if your ice is ready.

Another feature of this ice maker that will delight you is its Easy Push Touch Buttons. They make the device easy enough for a child to use. This ice maker will persuade your kids to help you in the kitchen. You can leave making cold drinks to them while you go about entertaining your guests.

Family members who are less tech savvy will have no trouble using this machine. It is easier for them to use this machine than to remove ice from trays!

Besides these incredible features, the Ivation Portable Compact High Capacity Household Ice Maker has few other qualities too.

Users loved that the cubes stayed fresh for a long time. Others appreciated that it was durable. The machine worked as soon as they took it out of its package.

As with other machines, this one does give you something to consider. It's a little noisy at times, so do run it during the day or at least when others are not trying to sleep.

Over all, if you want an ice maker that produces loads of ice quickly, the Ivation Portable Compact High Capacity Household Ice Maker is for you.











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