Why exhaust yourself running to the store to get ice when you can make it anytime, anywhere? The Portable Ivation High Capacity Countertop Ice Maker removes this need.

This tool epitomizes convenience. Compact and portable, you can take it anywhere. It's small size lets you fit it on any counter top. This device is perfect for RVs and small office pantries. You will need this machine if you are an event planner who organizes lots of parties. Take it along on camps, road trips, picnics, or tail-gate parties, rest assured that your guests will have ice throughout the party.

You will appreciate its white outlook. Neutral and stylish, this device blends with most kitchen furnishings. It will look good with your cabinets, no matter their color. This machine complements any kitchen counter top. A functional LED panel enhances its look. The attractive, bright lights make the device easy to find at night.

This ice maker features Modern Compressor Refrigeration Technology that makes ice-cube making efficient. It can produce over 25 lbs of ice daily. This machine makes a few cubes per cycle, enough for preparing quick, single cups of ice. Just wait for a few short minutes for the new sets of cubes to form. In contrast, it takes hours to make ice cubes in trays with the freezer.

You will also relish its performance-oriented design. This machine makes cubes in three sizes. Satisfy loved ones who love to swallow ice shavings and guests who want big cubes for scotches on the rocks. If you feel disgruntled with having to find ways to carry your ice around, the Ivation High Capacity Counter Top ice maker comes with an easy transfer tray that you can take with you. Take ice straight to your guest's cups!

This device's exterior window is a useful and engaging feature. You can watch the entire ice making process. It also lets you to keep an eye on how much ice is left in the machine so you know when you need to start the ice making cycle again. The window is wide enough for you to see every cube this machine makes. Though it is large, it does not ruin the device's outlook. In fact, the curved shape gives this device its sexy appearance. Display it on your counter top proudly.

The Ivation High Capacity Portable Countertop Ice Maker is so user-friendly that your five-year-old can make ice with it. It has buttons that are a breeze to navigate and use. This ice-maker runs with a single push of a button. Anyone can have ice ready in a few quick minutes. The buttons are on an attractive LED panel that displays all the information you need at a glance. Find out what the temperature is in the ice maker. The device also tells you how much ice it has made, and how much is left. You will know when to start a new cycle.

Besides its incredible features and other mind-blowing draws.

For a start, the ice it makes will not melt quickly. Melted ice makes cold drinks diluted, and spoils them. This device will conjure ice that stays firm for hours. Customers were grateful that they could have cold drinks when they wanted.

And then, this machine makes ice that you can chew. Biting into big blocks of ice can spoil your teeth. This device forms ice that you can swallow.

This tool is evidence of Ivation's environmental awareness. Melted ice water flows back into its reservoir for reuse.

Every product will have elements that you must consider, and this one is no exception.

This machine is not quiet. Customers mentioned that it makes a beeping noise in the middle of the night. Also, note that you should wash it before using it, or the ice it makes may have an awkward, metallic taste.

All said the Ivation High Capacity Portable Countertop Ice Maker is a valuable tool to add to your kitchen gadgets. It makes enough cold, delicious ice to keep everyone satisfied, in an environmentally conscious way.





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