Are you fed up of dealing with fancy gadgets? Are their buttons hard to use? The user-friendly Ivation IVA-ICEM15SI ice maker will make life easier for you. It makes ice making fun instead of a chore.

You will enjoy its portability. Take this device with you wherever you go. It is a welcome relief on road trips and camps; this machine makes ice for your cold drinks, though you are outdoors. It is compact so it easily fits in any RV or dormitory kitchenette. You can find a place for it on your small counter top. If you are a coach, take it along with you on your matches. Your students will have all the iced water they need.

You will adore its fresh, silver color. It will complement the kitchen furnishings and stainless steel appliances in your modern kitchen. This device is an attractive addition to your counter top. Small and svelte, it fits in any RV kitchenette. Take it anywhere with you and impress your guests.

This ice maker features Modern Compressor Refrigeration Technology that makes ice-cube making efficient. It can produce over 25 lbs of ice daily; your loved ones and friends will have the ice they need for delicious cold beverages. This machine makes a few cubes per cycle, enough for preparing quick, single cups of ice. Wait for a few short minutes for the cubes to form. Ice, in contrast, takes hours to develop in trays.

You will appreciate the large, see-through window at the front of the device. It gives you a clear perspective of how it makes ice. This savvy machine also lets you check on how much ice remains in it. This way, you can start a new ice making cycle if necessary. The see-through window complements the look of the device. Its curved appeal is sure to prompt you to display it on your counter top; the arch is sexy and sleek. You will be proud to show it off to friends who drop by for impromptu visits and prepare cold drinks for them too.

This device is simple to use. It is the perfect excuse to get your children involved in party planning. Heavy duty cooking may floor them, but a few buckets of ice should pose no problem at all. Your kids will find this device so easy to use that they will be rushing to help you.The easy touch buttons allow them to start the ice making process.

Do you find yourself getting so caught up with your kitchen work that you forget about making ice? You need the Ivation IVA-ICEM15SI. It includes alerts that will give you peace of mind. The Low Water Level Warning sounds when you need to refill it, while the Maximum Ice Capacity Reached alarm sounds when there is too much ice in the machine. With these alerts, you will know when to start a new ice making cycle. You will also know when it is time to remove some ice so that you will not end up overworking the device.

If this machine's first class features do not convince you to buy it, its other benefits might.

First of all, it does not use much energy. This machine only uses 107 watts of power. The savings pleased customers immensely.

And then, the instructions are straightforward. You can assemble it in a minute; just plug it in. You will learn how to remove the attached tray, and how to fill it up as well.

This machine makes nine ice cubes per minute, enough for a single cup. You can make enough ice for your needs. There is no reason to find a way to store the extra ice.

Milky or cloudy ice cubes are an eyesore. This ice maker generates crystal clear ones. A customer commented that it made more transparent ice cubes than her her old device could.

Every product has elements that you should think over, and this one is no different.

This machine is a noisy one. The water pipe that leads up to the freezer makes unnecessarily loud sounds. Customers commented that the cooling fan rattles as well.

Overall, the Ivation IVA-ICEM15SI, with its stellar functions and high efficiency, does first rate job of giving you the quality ice you need.




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