Igloo Compact Portable Ice Maker (Blue) - ICE108-Blue Capable of Producing 26 Lbs. Of Ice Per Day


The Igloo Compact Portable Ice Maker (Blue) - ICE108-Blue is a quality product by Igloo. I is essentially designed to be a counter top appliance and is bound to add style to any modern kitchen. Portable ice makers like this are quite useful with regard to hosting summer parties, working in the outdoors or even enjoying life at the campground. Owning a high quality portable ice maker is a great way by which to minimize or completely eliminate hasty trips to nearby gas stations so as to purchase a few pounds of ice. Portable ice makers have become a necessity in recent times because people often require more ice that the standard freezers available at our homes can produce.

There are several salient features that sets this product apart from its competitors in the portable ice-making market, the notable features include the ones listed below:

Color – This magnificent ice-maker is manufactured in an attractive metallic blue color that is aesthetically appealing.

Robust – This amazing product from the Igloo brand has been designed to produce batches of ice in a constant flow in a short time of just six minutes. This makes it very efficient especially if a lot of ice is urgently required. It has the capacity of producing 26lbs of ice in a single day.

Storage – It can store up to 1.5 lbs of ice at a single instance. This is adequate ice storage for everyday use.

Noise – It is designed to operate at extremely low noise. This is convenient especially in environments where noise levels are to be maintained at the minimum. The low noise feature is enabled by modern compressor cooling system.

Design – It has an ultra-modern design that is visually appealing and is characterized by an adjustable cube size. This unique feature is what allows users to set their preferred cube size between 2 available sizes. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 2.3 Quart Reservoir with state-of-the-art electronic LED controls.

Manual – It is sold with an easy to follow user’s manual that can be referred to during its initial setup and when in need of steps for trouble shooting. The manual therefore eliminates the need for hiring an electrician to set up the portable ice maker.

Simple to use – This portable ice maker just requires to be plugged in and water added to it in order to produce ice.

Size – This ice maker has a compact and portable size with a depth of 15" Inches, height of 14.5" Inches and width of 11.25" Inches. This facilitates easy storage if need be.

Weight – This portable ice maker weighs 19.8 pounds on shipping, this is a weight that can be carried without the risk of strain to the body.

The above comprehensive review about the Igloo Compact Portable Ice Maker is a clear indication of its high quality and robustness. It has features that are quite handy and is available for purchase at affordable prices on Amazon.com. At Amazon.com clients are assured of the genuineness of the product and that they are buying it at the recommended retail price.

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