If you want a tool that complements your kitchen yet doesn't take up too much space on your countertop, the Della Electric Counter Top Ice Maker is for you. It's a must-have, fabulous ice-making appliance.

The DE5's small size is a huge draw. You'll have no problem fitting this light and compact device on your counter top. It doesn't take up space at all.

You'll also love the incredible convenience it offers. Bring this portable device on all your road trips and picnics. It keeps ice fresh for long periods and functions at top speed. This nifty appliance makes ice in minutes, while it takes hours to get cubes from a store.

Also, you'll appreciate that the DE5 is hassle free. The Della Countertop Ice Maker looks after itself. You won't have to stand over it as you use it. It sends you an alert when the water level is low and another when its ice bin is full. You can leave it on when you go to bed and wake up to an ice-filled machine. What's fabulous is that you'll no longer need to worry about having to struggle with low-capacity, stubborn ice trays.

You can tuck this to-die-for device in a convenient corner of your kitchen. It's freestanding and can serve as a cold water dispenser for your coworkers. It also sits comfortably on your countertop. In short, it's small enough to fit anywhere. This tool is perfect for small kitchens and pantries. You can fit it in a kitchenette or office space. It's also perfect for your small RV. Take it along with you on camping or road trips.

Does your family need cold drinks all the time? Answering every loved one's call for ice can leave you feeling exhausted. Why not get a machine that's easy enough for everyone to use? The Della Electric Countertop Ice Maker fits the bill. It has push-touch buttons that are easy for your six-year-old to find. He can get your guests ice while you're busy preparing a meal for them. Granny can pitch in as well. The digital touch controls are simple to use, so anyone who isn't tech savvy can make sense of them.

Every homeowner will adore how this smart little device blends with other kitchen furnishings. It will complement your other stainless steel appliances and give your kitchen a modern look. A common complaint from homeowners is that their ice makers look like dull, ordinary tools, but the Della Countertop Ice Maker doesn't. Your kitchen will shout chic with this tool in it.

The winsome features aside, the DE5 has other magnetic draws.

Customers loved that it makes cubes in three sizes. There's ice to satisfy everyone. Kids can swallow the smallest cubes whole while adults can use the big ones in their whiskeys.

They also loved that it makes unconventional, bullet-shaped cubes. Their pointed ends make them easier to chew. Of course, they are also prettier to look at than regular ones.

The best advice anyone can give you when it comes to buying products is to do so carefully. This useful tip applies to this ice maker as well.

The only flaw that customers found with it is that the ice it makes is a bit wet. These types of ice cubes are useful if you want cold water.

In all, if you want a tool that's small, yet powerful enough to generate all the ice you need, the Della Electric Countertop ice maker is for you.











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