Do you need an ice-dispensing machine that even a kid can use? Try the fabulous Della 048-GM-48226 portable ice maker with easy touch buttons. With this user-friendly tool, you can get fresh ice cubes ready on the table in minutes.

Della designed this machine for top performance. It delivers fresh ice in a matter of 7 minutes. If you have friends who keep complaining about not having ice for cold drinks, you will satisfy them with this device. It has a removable tray for easy transfer. You do not have to fuss over removing ice cubes from the tray in your freezer any longer. This machine dispenses ice straight into a bucket, which you can carry to your guests.

Perhaps the best feature of this tool is its easy touch buttons. They make it simple enough for a kid to use. He will help you in the kitchen willingly.

You will never run short of ice because this fabulous device delivers up to 26 pounds of it a day. It generates enough ice to last for an entire event. If you or a loved one is thirsty, do not worry, because this tool makes ice for a single cup. It churns out a few cubes of ice per cycle.

The see-through window in front of this device adds to its functionality. You can view the ice-making process at a glance and know when the device has completed it. You can also check on the water and ice levels in the apparatus. A digital panel tells you when you will have to begin a new cycle.

One of the best features of this tool is that you do not have to watch it as It runs. It sends out an alert when it has reached its maximum ice capacity. It also warns you when water levels are low.

A top draw of this device is its portability. You can take this lightweight, compact device to any event. Traveling does not mean that you have to forgo your cold drinks. Take this handy ice-maker anywhere with an electric socket; it fits an RV or dormitory pantry. Its modest size allows you to place it on any counter.

Further, you will enjoy its eye-catching, silver design. If you love stainless steel appliances, this is the ice maker for you. It combines with most kitchen furnishings, owing to its neutral color. It is a device that will catch visitors' attention and become the focal point of your kitchen.

This ice maker has features that are sure to win you over. You will know that it is the tool for you once you learn of its other draws.

For a start, it makes ice that is cold and crunchy. A user mentioned that the way it made solid ice pleased him. He enjoyed the way it was hollow, yet crisp.

This tool is the one to use if you want to keep your ice solid for a long time. Customers remarked that it could store for hours, even when they take the machine outside.

Many users appreciated that the tool gave loud alerts. It informed them audibly when their devices had full trays. It gave precise and instantaneous reminders.

This tool is productive. A user said that it produced ice for him continuously, as long as he emptied the tray regularly. If you use this incredible wonder, you will always have enough ice for your guests.

Every product has details that you should ponder over, and it is the case with this one.

Note that it is rather noisy in a quiet kitchen. You can prevent the machine from disturbing others by operating it when there is no one at home.

The basket for fresh ice is rather small, but this is a minor detail. Just run the ice-making process again if necessary.

In all, this incredible machine is an excellent ice-making tool that delivers ice at the touch of a few buttons.


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