If your fridge does not come with an ice-making machine, the Della 048-GM-48199 compact ice maker is for you. This device promises to provide all the ice you need for each of your functions and make it a success.

So what are the features of this fantastic tool?

First, you will enjoy its portability. Light and compact, you can take it anywhere. This device is ideal to use for small gatherings and parties. Also, its small size allows it to fit in any kitchen. If your colleagues crave ice and cold drinks on a long, hot day at work, this is the machine you need. It is suitable for small pantries in offices and dormitories. If you live in an RV but do not have space for a full refrigerator, you will want this ice maker; your small kitchenette will accommodate it. Take it with you on road trips. It is freestanding and slips into any corner.

This device can produce any amount of ice you want. It can churn out over 25 lbs of ice in a day. If you have dozens of guests waiting for cold drinks, this machine will come to your rescue. Run its next cycle, and you can have ice ready in a few minutes.

Have you faced the problem of having to remove all the cubes from an ice cube tray when you need only a few? The Della 048-GM-48199 ice maker will solve your problems. It makes a few cubes at a time; you can make the ice you need for one cup.

This sleek machine is certain to complement your kitchen furnishings. Its neutral silver color will blend with almost all cabinets. The streamlined, modern design makes it an eye-catching kitchen tool. 
You will likewise enjoy the LED display in front of it. The panel sends a warning when your ice runs out, so you can begin a new cycle. It also makes the machine easy to find at night, which is a boon for the elderly. Does water run out every time you try to make ice? Use the panel to check on the water and ice levels in the machine

The Della 048-GM-48199 has exciting features, but they are not the only reasons you will love this machine.

People often complain of machines making ice that is liquefied. They want ice cubes that they can see through. This ice maker makes clear ice. It is top quality, much like the ice, you would find at a bar. The cubes it makes are chewable and easy on the teeth. They are solid, but a little hollow. Children and seniors will find them easy to swallow.

Also, this machine is a breeze to assemble and use. Just plug it in, and it is ready to form ice cubes. It works anywhere there is an electric socket.

Customers commented that it is useful to bring on camping trips. One user reflected that it made enough ice for an entire week.

Of course, you should consider everything about a product before buying it. This tool gives you a few things to ponder over.

It is not a quiet machine, so you may not want to use it too late at night. You may end up waking your family members. A customer reflected that the noise was a little irritating. Another detail to note is that it makes ice randomly, so you may not want to leave it while it runs.

In all, this machine is a functional, worthwhile bargain, though it may rattle at times. Use it if you prefer a standalone tool.



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