Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker




Tired of wet kitchen tiles?

You need the extraordinary Avalon Bay Ice Maker because it will keep your floor dry. This machine is one of the best kitchen assistants, so do give it a home.

First of all, it produces 26 lbs of ice a day. This amount is probably more than what other ice makers can generate. You will never run out of ice because it is consistent. If you have guests who prefer cold drinks, this is the ice maker you need. If you want ice for just one cup, it is the solution. It will serve you well because it only churns out a few cubes at a time. Your family members will not scramble for ice cubes in the middle of the night.

You will also delight in this machine because it has user-friendly touch button controls. This device is so easy to operate that your five-year-old can run it with no issues. All he has to do is push the knobs, and it is ready to go. Also, if you have anyone at home with mobility issues, you will need this ice maker. Your loved one can get ice for himself with no problem at all. The efficiency of this machine never fails to impress.

Furthermore, the Avalon Bay ice maker is quick. It makes fresh ice in as little as six minutes. It will satisfy your impatient young children. Your friends and relatives will love your parties because you can deliver ice to them almost at once. Also, you will not have to wait for cubes to form in your freezer's ice tray. Making ice in freezer trays can take up to several hours, while this device delivers ice in half the time. It will become the most efficient cooking tool in your kitchen.

You will adore the fabulous Avalon Bay Ice Maker because you can choose from two ice cube sizes. While adults may want big cubes for their whiskeys, young children and elderly may want ice that they can swallow. This machine fulfills all needs. Choose from large rocks or ice shavings. This device has far more versatility than a regular freezer tray, which can only produce cubes of one size. These are usually big blocks that everyone finds difficult to chew.

This device's outstanding feature is probably automatic overflow protection. Many ice makers cause floors to become wet. The Avalon Bay AB ICE 26S ice maker shuts off when there is too much water and prevents overflow.

Besides its winning features, this device has other draws.

First of all, you will love that it is compact and portable. This little machine does not take up space on your counter and is ideal for your RV. You can take it on camping and road trips.

Also, you will not believe how easy this machine is to power up. The cord that it comes with is long so that you can plug it anywhere.
This ice maker is a boon if you have children. It makes soft ice, so kids and the elderly will find it easy to chew.

Give every product some thought. You should certainly do so with the Avalon Bay Ice Maker. The ice bin, while functional, could have a better design. According to users, it comprises light plastic. Ice tends to collect at the back of it.

In all, this device suits you if you need ice in a hurry. It is also perfect if you want to prevent spills.

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