19″ W 30 lb.Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker in Silver







Are you frustrated with your unresponsive freezer? Do your family members scramble to pull ice cubes from its tray? You need the Magic Chef Portable silver ice maker. This life saver is a winner in both looks and efficiency. So what does this incredible device offer, and what are its plus points?

First, being portable, it fulfills a need that every ice maker should. You can take it anywhere with you. It will complete every road and camping trip. This device is a must-have tool if you are an event organizer. Take it with you to every party you put together. No party is complete without ice; the cubes it generates are enough to keep them happy for the night.

The Magic Chef Silver Portable Ice Maker is a tiny powerhouse. This device delivers a large volume of ice in a short time. While freezer-made cubes take hours to form, this machine makes them in minutes. You will have an infinite amount of ice ready for your event. An incredible ice-making guru, it generates 25 lbs of ice a day. Your loved ones and guests will have all the cold beverages they want.

The exterior window of this device is a boon. It allows you to see how the device makes ice, and you will know when it is ready. Check on the ice-making process at a glance. You can tell how much water remains in the reservoir and refill it when necessary.

Furthermore, you can tell how much ice the machine has. Gone is the problem of having to stop machines and disrupt the ice making process to see if ice is ready. This tool removes the need to use ice-cube trays, which you will have to check from time to time. The issue of pulling half-formed cubes from the freezer will end.

The LED panel in front of the machine is a stylish, functional addition. You can control the device’s settings with a single touch. Viewing hard-to-read panels strains the eyes. The energy-saving lights on this machine are bright. They illuminate this one and make it visible.

What most people want in an ice-maker is portability. You can that the Silver Ice Maker anywhere. It is usable wherever there is a plug-in point. Small-sized, it is a perfect fit for an RV or dormitory kitchenette. This machine goes on any counter top.

A word that best describes this ice-maker is style. In sleek silver, it merges with most kitchen cabinets and furnishings. It will go with the other stainless steel appliances in your kitchen. This machine will rev up your kitchen space and turn it into one you can find in a design handbook.

With so many ice makers flooding the market, you may wonder what makes this one outstanding. Besides its extraordinary features, it has other draws.

For a start, it is reliable. Customers commented that they experienced no issues using it. It runs like clockwork.

Then, it allows you to use purified water to make ice. The reservoir stores boiled water. How it produced fresh ice impressed customers.

Every device gives you points to ponder over. Consider a few things when buying this one.

Some customers commented that it makes melts quickly. Others commented that you would have to spend some time learning how to control the temperature sensor in the machine.

In all, this modern, trendy machine is what you need if you want buckets of ice in a few short minutes.





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